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Plumber and Plumbing Services

200 x 200 x 0025If water flows Through it, we do it. We offer all plumbing services.
General plumbing maintenance
Geysers replacement and solar geyser installation
Leak detection and repairs
Bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations
Prepaid water meters and commercial water meter installers
Clear blocked drains.




New Geyser, Geyser Replacements, Solar Geysers

200 x 200 x 0008We install and replace all makes and sizes of geysers. Standard geysers come in 100L, 150L, 200L and 300L. With 150L and 200L geyser being the most popular. We also install under counter geysers and how water systems. All our geysers are guaranteed and SABS approved.




Unblock Drains and Clear Blockages

200 x 200 x 0016Problems with blocked pipes and blocked drains. We can remove those roots or that toy that your kids threw down the toilet. We can and clean your pipes. 






Repair Drips and Fix Leaks

200 x 200 x 0013Leaking taps, broken taps, tap seals, we can repair them. Perhaps you want a complete new tap, we can help you.






We Install Heat Pumps

200 x 200 x 0011Need a heat pump for your pool, spa or geyser. A heat pump is the most popular method of keeping your pool water warm even during the winter. Heat pumps work by transferring heat from the outside air to the water in your pool. A heat pump uses only 25% of the energy an element would use. We can install heat pumps in pools, geysers, jacuzzis, spas and any commercial heating application.





Anode Replacements

Geyser Anode 3An anode (sacrificial anode) is a metal alloy (mixture) that is more electrically active than the metal it is trying to protect. Every geyser has an anode installed. The geyser anode slowly corrodes and the rate of corrosion is related to the type of water in your area. Once that anode has completely corroded away, then corrosion will start on the inner walls of the geyser. The geyser anode needs to be replaced at regular intervals to keep your geyser in good condition and to make it last longer. Geyser manufacturers typically recommend that the geyser anodes get replaced on a  3 yearly cycle.



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We only install SABS approved brands

Kwikot, Solar Geysers, Flat Plate Collector, Evacutaed Tubes, Ecoline, Sun scan , Geyser wise, Kwikboil, Kwikheat,  Heat tech, Cobra, Copcal, Kwikot Thermostat, Kwikheat, Slimline, Solartherm, Xsteme, Duratherm, Sunworx, Heat pump, Duroflo, Kaythech, Kabelflex, Wirquin, Marley, Geberit, Valsir, Vulcathene, Cascade, Franke, Interglobal, JoJo, Pennyware, Isca, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Walcro, Comap, Cachet, Gio, Churrasco, Gv di Bella, Macneil, SABS, Genebre, Plexicor, Libra, Vaal, Betta, Rak, Lecico, Macneil, Agi, Salvatore, Valsir, Dutton, Pennyware, Oryx, Hammonds, Ramlall, Styleline, Castaway, Hills, Jeeves, Rothenberger,   



PIRB Registered


Registered means Quality Assurance



SABS Approved

We install only SABS approved materials



Water Wise


 We are Water Wise 



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